Attention All people with:

  • Joint Pain
  • Muscle soreness
  • Depression or Anxiety
  • ​Brain Fog
  • ​Night Sweats, Racing heart
 WARNING: You may not have been getting the most up-to-date Lyme and Coinfection testing available! 
Lyme testing is a complex subject. 

1. The "standard test" that most physicians recommend and use, is a two-tier test with an antibody test first, and ONLY IF THAT IS POSITIVE, a Western Blot test. 

2. Both of these tests use antiquated technology, and many people don't form antibodies in time so never get the second test anyway! 

3. The old protocol is only counted as positive if "5 bands" are visible, which is the old IDSA standard. The more modern standard, supported by more recent research, is the ILADS standard, which is positive with as few as 2 bands. 

4. Many of the laboratories offering Lyme testing do not test for the several different Borrelia species that can cause Lyme, and don't test with all of the most modern lab equipment and procedures. Plus, have you been tested for the coinfections? They can be even worse than Lyme!! 
At, we offer complete, modern, Lyme and coinfection testing! Available nationwide, (except NY...sorry!)
This test is now available with at-home finger-stick! No phlebotomy, no needle-based blood draw. No hassles!
You can complete your order by clicking on the link below. Scheduling of blood draw is arranged afterward, and is coordinated by the Lab itself.

Here's what you get: 
-Testing for SEVEN Borrelia species that can cause Lyme Disease

-Testing for COINFECTIONS:
*Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

*Immunochip IgG
*Immunochip IgM
*Polymerase Chain Reaction

-Compliant with International Lyme Associated Disease Society ILADS guidelines!  

For a limited time, while scheduling is available, I will give you a 30 minute consultation, via phone or Skype, as a BONUS for taking action and ordering your test today!
We can review your results and I will help you make a 
plan of action!
                    This is not the right test for you if you:

-don't want a firm answer about your Lyme/coinfection status
-don't want a scientifically validated test
-don't believe Lyme occurs in your state or region
-are not interested in improving your health

BUT REALLY...IS THAT YOU? No, no it is not! 

Do you think you're safe because you live in (whatever state you live in..)?? NO, because Lyme occurs in ALL 50 STATES! here is a link to a published paper about it, if you want to fact-check me :-)   

Let’s break it all down.
Here's how it works:
  • ​You click the "yes I want to do this lab test!" button
  • A new web page opens up, with my clinic web page/store page, for the test
  • You complete the purchase on my website
  • ​I submit your lab requisition, and the lab mails you your test kit
  • ​When you get it, follow the simple instructions and use the prepaid mailer
  • ​After the lab processes your sample, I get notification that your results are available
  • ​I contact you and deliver your results via email, and if you'd like we can do a 30 minute consult (or a few emails if preferred/easier for you) to review results and make a plan!
That's all you have to do, to get a firm answer about Lyme and Coinfections!
You'd actually be crazy not to ;)
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